FIAT Pandina – the most advanced Fiat Panda ever

With a long story of fun and sharing, the iconic and inspirational Fiat Panda has led the market in both Italy and Europe for 44 years now, with more than 8 million units sold during its leadership. Being a Panda, also the special series Pandina is the social car par excellence, featuring its unique traits: simplicity, creativity, and functionality. And more, this special series takes the name from the people, exactly the way the Panda lovers call it, their cute “Pandina”. A tribute to the love from the people for this little daily partner. The exteriors are enriched with playfully details such as little panda’s face on the wheel cup, yellow mirror caps, Pandina lettering on the side mouldings and a “Pandina” serigraphy on the third light. From a design point of view, it presents a new white painted dashboard fascia and new seats with “Pandina” monogram and logo embossed, yellow double stitching, white details and Seaqual yarn containing a sustainable, fully-traceable raw material made from marine litter.

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